Ohata Endosalon

Representative Director’s greeting

Japan Advanced Medical Technology Exchange Association was established in 2017 with the purpose of conducting academic and cultural exchanges between Japan and overseas through medical treatment and medicine.
Nowadays, the current medical and social conditions, such as the spread of coronavirus, are very severe. We will contribute to the medical business of the world in various aspects such as support projects related to the development of medical science and medical technology exchanges between Japan and overseas, and strive to establish closer relationships in various fields than ever before.
We think this is the most important time for Japan to understand, help and cooperate with the world, not just in medical relations.
Since our establishment, we have been engaged in medical and medical technology exchanges between Japan and the world. But now, the problems faced by medical staff and medical staff all over the world have become common. In order to further cooperate and solve problems, we will not only create opportunities in the field of "leading medical", but also create opportunities to deepen mutual understanding among medical professionals. We will strive to improve people's health and quality of life on a global scale suitable for the current era. We sincerely seek your support and help.


Chairman Qin Xia